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Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Objectives

  • The Authority aims to configure a data base for the workforce and to enhance planning policies for the development of national human resources, and get the optimal benefit of them by assimilation into the job market.
  • Create a comprehensive database on labor force in all units of the administrative apparatus (civil, military, and security) in the State and in the private sector establishments. The database shall include personal information, occupational status, academic level and work experience.
  • Take the necessary action to register jobseekers, and establish national jobseekers’ database that includes their personal information, academic qualifications, work experience, etc.
  • Develop the necessary actions to provide data on national work force in the job market, including electronic integration with all units of the State administrative apparatus (civil, military, and security, and private sector establishments).
  • Provide information to the concerned authorities to train and rehabilitate unqualified citizens who are job seekers in order to professionally prepare them to join the job market opportunities.
  • Record and register the data of citizens who were hired in the administrative apparatus units of the state (civil, military and security, and private sector establishments).
  • Provide the necessary information for the recruitment and employment movement in the Sultanate in order to enable stakeholders to plan the recruitment policies in the government sector and employment in the private sector establishments and directing the educational and training policies towards harmonization between the outputs of the various scientific and technical disciplines and levels of professional skills with the actual needs of the job market