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CEO Message

Since the establishment of the Public Authority for Manpower Register in October 2011 by Royal Decree No. (98/2011), it is exercising its competence in the formation of an integrated database for labor force in various sectors in the Sultanate in order to strengthen the planning policy of human resources development and the harmonization between labor market requirements and educational disciplines.

The authority is now considered the main reference for all sectors in the Sultanate in terms of human labor force, both those working or those seeking jobs or business owners and practitioners of professions and various crafts in the existence of an integrated database looking after the labor force in all units of the state administrative apparatus and the private sector establishments and the other categories. PAMR is endeavoring through the informational base to determine the number of job seekers and to provide the necessary information to the concerned entities to train and qualify citizens who are unqualified in order to enroll them in the labor market after equipping them with capabilities and getting them to the required levels in the labor market, as well as providing the necessary information on the recruitment, employment and training movement in the Sultanate.

Accordingly, we salute all those who have contributed to the success of this integrated system and we call everyone to continue giving and make double efforts. We are pleased with the opportunity to communicate with you through this website and wish everyone to benefit from the services provided through it. And we renew the pledge to develop the services provided to our valued citizens and relevant institutions of register and recruitment. We ask God the Almighty to guide us for the good to the public interest.

Dr. Younis Bin Khalfan Akhzami
Executive Chairman of Public Authority of Manpower Register