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About the Authority

The Public Authority of Manpower Register was established according to the Royal Decree No. 98/2011 issued on 8th October 2011. It has corporate personality and it is financially and administratively independent. The authority is a subsidiary of The Council of Ministers. The goal of the establishment of the Authority is to create a comprehensive database on labor force in all sectors in Oman and to promote planning policies for the development of national human resources to ensure the optimal use of these resources by integrating it in the labor market. The authority, moreover, provides the necessary information on employment in Oman to enable stakeholders to formulate employment policies in both government and private sectors. It also aims to guide education and training policies as to keep balancing between the outputs of various scientific and technical disciplines and the professional skills with the actual needs of the labor market. In addition to providing information to the concerned authorities to train and rehabilitate unqualified citizens who are searching for jobs by professionally preparing them.